Little Paxton Scout Group has a waiting list, we only add people to the waiting list of our Scout Group when they are 3 ½ years of age or greater, we then prioritise places in the following way:

1. Member moving up from a section (Squirrels -> Beavers -> Cubs, Cubs -> Scouts)

2. Already a member of Scouting (Moving Group)

3. Siblings in our Group

4. Time on the List

It should be noted that we can only accept a limited number of members of the same age, this ensures we have a smooth age ratio within each of our sections and we dont end up with to many members in one section at a time.

The number of places we have available is related to the number of adult helpers or Leaders. If you are willing to join and commit to our Leadership or Committee Team, we will guarantee to find a place for your child within our group, please take a look at our Volunteering Page

Please contact our group through the Contact Us Page on our website: