Scouting is not just for young people!

From an hour a week, to an hour a month.

From child-facing to behind the scenes

All adults in scouting shape young people’s lives!

There are roles in our group that interact directly with young people and other roles that are behind the scenes. If you can not see a vacancy that’s right but you want to help, then let us know your superhero skills and we’ll put them to the test.

1st Little Paxton is a dynamic Scout Group that helps around 70 young people enjoy fun and adventure while developing skills for life. With a Squirrel Drey, Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop, our friendly team is always kept busy and open to new members joining the team.

Please visit our Vacancies page for more about the roles

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If you are still wondering why? Take a look at this short video below.